Over the years,

The Heather Co. has helped hundreds of homeowners live better and feel happier by decorating their homes in harmony with their style and lifestyle.

Lead by Heather Draper, our small team of interior decorators are fun and approachable as much as they are talented and stylish. Respect, Solution-Driven, Service, Teamwork & Positivity are among our core values. We respect the creativity, the individuality, the process, the craftsmanship and most of all, the stylish spaces we create for our clients – and possibly for you in the future. We know decorating is enjoyable for some, while overwhelming for others, so each project is a highly personalized experience. 

We’re always evaluating and establishing relationships with our furniture partners in the interiors industry. This means we bring you a preferred and curated selection of home décor items manufactured by great companies.

Full-Service Interior Decorating Service

Creating stylish interiors that boost your happiness is as much about the experience, as it is getting to the finished space. Our Full-Service Interior Decorating Service allows you to experience luxury service at its finest, which means we handle all the details. Your decorating project is managed by our talented team, from concept to completion. The real benefit is we spare you the overwhelm in the decision making process, and we save you money by avoiding costly mistakes.

While each project is different in scope and budget, we make the effort to create a memorable experience for you. We select projects that align with our values and our capacity so a successful outcome is realized for both of us.

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Interior Decorating Consultation Service

From time to time you may be looking for expert interior decorating advice but want to implement the suggestions on your own. Our Interior Decorating Consultation Service satisfies this desire. Consider this a springboard to solving your pressing decorating dilemma with a decorator’s insight, while you bring it to fruition on your own timeline.

Not local to Calgary? Do not despair. This service has been enjoyed by clients across North America via Zoom.

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